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93% of Ukrainian refugees plan to return to their home town after the war – poll

Rebuilding Ukraine

The survey shows that two-thirds of the citizens of Ukraine hope that it will be possible to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure and economy in less than five years after the war. 13% think it is possible to do over a year, while 51% think it will take up to five years. 18% believe that rebuilding the infrastructure and the economy will take up to ten years. There are not many skeptics who believe that the recovery will take more than ten years: only 10%.

The younger respondents and the residents of the western regions of Ukraine are more optimistic about the rapid reconstruction. Those who had to leave their cities also demonstrate optimism regarding the recovery process.

61% of the respondents are ready to personally contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure: financially or by participating in construction works. 

A third of the respondents would like to contribute to the rebuilding of the infrastructure, but cannot. Only 5% believe that this is solely the responsibility of the government, not the people. More than 70% of men are ready to join the reconstruction compared to half of the women. Those who have left their city at the moment are more willing to join the reconstruction.

Ukrainians think Russia must compensate for destructions

90% are convinced that it is Russia that must compensate all the expenses for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. 20% believe that international organizations or European countries should invest in it, 12%, that the United States should do this, and 10%, that Ukraine itself should do this.

What Ukrainians think and feel about the war

One out of two respondents say they have a proactive position toward their own lives at the moment. One out of five say that their life position is neither active nor passive. A third of the respondents said that they have virtually no effect on their lives now. The younger respondents, men, and those who continue working have a proactive attitude in their lives more often.

Those who believe they have no impact on anything at the moment experience more pronounced negative emotions than people with a proactive attitude.

43% of the population feel aggressive at the moment, while 38% do not. The rest of the emotions are experienced by the minority of the respondents: 27% feel pessimistic, while 47% do not, and 31% feel despaired, while 53% do not. Only 17% say they feel apathetic, while 66% do not.

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